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This is a sample course schedule for one academic year. Variations may occur year-to-year as we continually improve our program. Access the current UC San Diego Catalog.

Sample Fall Quarter

  • Ear Diseases and Treatment
  • Temporal Bone Anatomy and Neurophysiology
  • Physiologic and Behavioral Tests of Vestibular Function
  • Clinical Practice in Audiology (with balance assessment rotation)
  • Clinical Case Studies and Staffing

Sample Winter Quarter

  • Preceptorship in Neuro-Otology (includes surgery observations)
  • Advanced Amplification
  • Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Sensory Aids
  • Special Topics in Audiology
  • Clinical Practice in Audiology
  • Clinical Case Studies and Staffing

Sample Spring Quarter

  • Intraoperative Monitoring
  • Auditory Processing Assessment and Management
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Elective*
  • Clinical Practice in Audiology
  • Clinical Case Studies and Staffing

*Elective Course Information

Each student completes one approved elective course during Year II while at UCSD. May be taken Fall, Winter or Spring Quarter. Courses in the School of Medicine follow an earlier schedule than AuD courses, ie begin 2 weeks prior to audiology courses).

Electives can be chosen from School of Medicine Schedule of Elective Courses, and must be approved by the student's academic advisor and course instructor.

Popular Elective Choices:

  • AUD 296 Research Practicum
  • FPM 285 Issues and Dilemmas/Clinical Trials
  • FPM 241 Aging Social and Health Policy Issues
  • FPM 243 Genetics and Preventative Medicine
  • FPM 245 Elements of International Medicine
  • FPM 246 Occupational/Environmental Health
  • FPM 252 Doctors of the World-Case Studies in Global Health
  • FPM 260 Cases/Health Care Programs; Poor and Underserved Populations
  • FPM 272 Community Advocacy (UCSD Student Run Free Clinic)