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Recent Resident Graduates

UC San Diego Otolaryngology Alumni

Year Name Post Graduation
2022 Jesse Qualliotine, MD Fellowship - Head & Neck (UCSF)
  Joshua Stramiello, MD Military, Airforce
2021 Bharat Panuganti, MD Fellowship - Laryngology (Mass General)
  David Bracken, MD Fellowship - Laryngology (UCSF)
  Andrey Finegersh, MD, PhD Fellowship - Head & Neck (Stanford)
2020 Sunny Haft, MD Univ of Maryland
  John Pang, MD Fellowship - Head & Neck (University of Washington)
2019 Daniel Schaerer, MD Private Practice
  Aria Jafari, MD Fellowship - Rhinology (MEEI)
2018 Avram Hecht, MD Private Practice
  William Moss, MD Global Health
2017 Samantha Hauff, MD Private Practice
2016 Linda Woo, MD Private Practice
  Ryan Orosco, MD Fellowship - Head & Neck (Stanford)
  Christine Fordham, MD Fellowship - Pediatric Otolaryngology (Stanford)
2015 Jeff Watson, MD Fellowship - Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  (Houston)
2014 Tom Karnezis, MD Fellowship - Rhinology (MUSC)
  Amy Wu, MD Fellowship - Laryngology (NYU)
2011 Andrew Patel, MD Fellowship - Head & Neck  (Mayo Scottsdale)
  Angela Chang, MD Private Practice
2010 Jacob Husseman, MD Fellowship -Neurotology (Melbourne)
  Greg Barkdull, MD Private Practice
2009 Tom Alexander, MD Fellowship - Neurotology (UCSD)
  Sumana Jothi , MD Fellowship - Laryngology (UCSF) 
2007 Jeremy Richmon, MD Fellowship - Head & Neck (MEEI)
2006 David Hicks, MD Fellowship - Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Beverly Hills)
  Sean Palacios, MD Fellowship - Neurotology (UCSD)